segunda-feira, 25 de maio de 2009

Larry Ludwick review

O excelente compositor Larry Ludwick fez uma crítica da música Monadas, de minha autoria, no forum do site

"This is some very mild and yet appealing music. I did feel a desire for some more dynamic range in the music, but musically there is a wonderful development and flow.

Opens with some interesting glide sounds ... the strings are a little weak, but perhaps that was very deliberate and I can't question the descision because it works in a magic way.

Listening a second time without the anticipation of some dominant lead instrument, I find I like it much better. I am a big fan of restraint and I think you show very good restraint in not trying to overwhelm the listener.

All in all very nice and slightly different from the new age 'floating garden' type of music. Using staccato without being harsh. Very nice again.
Larry Ludwick "

As palavras de Larry Ludwick são como um tesouro para mim.
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